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exeptional beauty

I live for you, I die for you


I like to take photo’s. But not the normal kind of pictures. Not straight up nature, buildings, or people. I like to make abstract pictures. Things of exceptional beauty. One of the most beautiful things in this world is, in my opinion,  the female body. And not only the erotic parts. Everything. Let me show you some examples.

I think that taking these pictures should only be done with your loved one. It’s something intimate, something erotic. Taking pictures like these is a form of trust and complete submitting to your loved one. And I think that this can only be done in the best way with your soulmate.
I think everyone has a soulmate. The perfect one for you. A person that you love unconditionally. If you have a loved one, think about this person. Could you live without him/her? If that’s not the case, you’ve found the person. Even if this person is the last one on earth, you wouldn’t mind, because you’re together.
Her/his voice, smile, eyes and the silky touch of your skin against hers/his, is a turn on. You feel his/her presence, you’re the most comfortable when you’re near this person.
But back to the pictures. I find it extremely sexy to photograph the body of my loved one. You’re basically  capturing his/her beauty.  It’s something so intimate, that if you want to capture the real beauty of this experience, you must only do this with your loved one.

the one


Today’s Report #2

The first thing you need to do before learning, is learn how to learn

In two days I am finally done with my exam week. It’s 10:12 PM and I have a history test tomorrow. To be honest, history is my favorite subject. I love to see how all this, our society, our ways of behaving, and our political system is established. the subject is all around revolutions.
So yeah, of course the American revolution, but there are more big revolutions. One is even about the revolution of my country, the Batavian revolution. Yes I’m from the Netherlands. And also the French revolution. Did you know that all these revolutions are connected with each other? It all started with the American revolution, that inspired the Batavians, and then started their own revolution.
A little history lesson there. But further than that, nothing that special happend today. So I’m going to talk about my vacation in about 2 weeks. Have you ever been to Austria? Have you ever been there in the summer? Because if I tell someone I going to Austria on vacation, they immediately ask me if I am going to ski there. No man, I’m not going to ski, it’s summer. Mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, cliff diving etc. “You can do it all, in Austria“~photo genetic commercial dude. No but seriously, Austria is a great vacation county, in the winter and summer. And I’m a real mountain lover, and boy do you have mountains in Austria. I’ll show you some of the pictures I’ve made back in 2013.

So yeah, beautiful nature, nice people, beautiful little villages, and nice atmosphere.
Let me know what your favorite vacation destination is! I would like to travel the world when I’m older, so I need places to go!

Today’s Report #1

Should I do a quote of the day?… oh wait

Shopping. And some Netflix, that was pretty much my day. I started this morning with getting some croissants for breakfast. The boyfriend of my little sister slept over last night, so that was something. This dude is 16, 17 in august, and my little sister is 13. He looks like an innocent guy, but every guy has needs around that age. My mom is also a little worried. But I keep an eye out for him. I’m still the big brother.
But yea, after having breakfast I went shopping. I’m quite a picky guy, I’m really into style when it comes to clothing and accessoires.
I ended up with a bordeaux-red shirt, and a white skinny jeans. After I acquired my new outfit, I went looking for some new sneakers. But holy peanut-butter those things are expensive. I tried out the new Nike huaraches, but those things are €135,- ! after I gave up the hope to find something that would suit my style, and my economic status, I found a pair of timberland’s (well aright not the real ones, but they look identical) for just €50,-! So the shopping adventure ended well after all.
When I came home I watched a classic, Taken. You know, the one with Liam Neeson. “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

After all, this was a quite normal and nice day. Hope your day was nice as well! If you want to share your story of the day, tell me! Or when you already have a daily report, tell me! I would love to read how your day was going 🙂Kleertjes

A little help needed

So many choices… I need something to write about. I have many topics I could write about. Pictures, philosophy, music, life… of course I’ve written already some little stories about my view on life, death, society, those kind of things. So you have an idea of my writing style. Of course I could continue the talks about life. I would love to do that.
But I’m new to the blogging, so I need inspiration, from you beautiful people! I could also do a daily blog, writing about the things I do in my life, including some pictures. I’m open for everything.
I just love to write, doesn’t matter what I’m writing. I’ve even written a little story about a Greek myth, it was a project for school. So that is even something I could do, little stories. Let me know please! I really what to get in touch with people with same intrest, so leave a comment!

(the featured image is a picture I’ve made from my appartement, I love the sunset)

The beauty of death

Death is a graduation

Ever thought about death? Really thought it trough? Were you go after your last breath? What happens to the people around you? If there is a heaven and hell? And are you afraid of death?

I’ve never been afraid of death. Just curious. I wonder what will happen to my soul, my spirit. I’ve talked about the spirit before. The only part of you that is immortal. I believe that it survives after you die. But the thing is, where will I, my spirit, end up? That’s what intrigues me. And I don’t really have a theory. I just home I’ill enter something like a new dimension. A complete different world. Do you believe in other dimensions?
The only thing that worries me about my ending (although I’m just 17, but death is inevitable, he could be around every corner) are the people around me. I don’t want to leave them behind. I know how it is to lose someone. I don’t want to do that to my loved ones. And something more “terrifying” is the fact that the people who died, are getting lost in time. 160.000 people die everyday. of course, this has a huge impact to the people around the the loved one who passed away, but for the world wide society, it’s a normal thing. If you tell a random person in the streets that your father died, he wouldn’t give a damn, because people die. It’s natural. But all those people, all those 160.000 a day, will be forgotten with time. And then we fall back to my previous stories. Nature wins. always.

Criminal humanity

The earth is 4.6 billion years old. Scaling that to 46 years, humans have been here for 4 hours, the industrial revolution began 1 minute ago, and in that time, we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests

Humanity is corrupt. It disobeys every rule of our planet. But eventually we dig our own graves. Every minute an area of 50 football fields of tropical woods gets chopped down from our ground. Our own ressources of life. It’s like scraping little pieces of your own heart, so you can sell it, until you drop down dead on the floor.
But on the other hand, we are humans. And we humans always find a way to survive. Because science. In 30 years we’ill be probably playing space golf on the surface of Mars.
And that’s the problem. We go on and violate the rules of the earth on and on. We are the diseases of our planet. We affect the values of her environment, just to improve ourselves. Nature is the indigenous group of the planet and we are the immigrants who subjected nature.

What are we?

A bunch of cells and a soul, that’s pretty much it

I often question myself: What are we? We as people? We’re theoretically just a aggregation of cells, and these are bound by our spirit, our soul. We are as people all the same organism, but it is our soul that distinguishes us. Daily we are feeling hundreds physical and mental feelings.
But then again, I ask myself, what are feelings? A signal that is send to our brain, that then, depending on how your soul, your personality is made up,  processes this signal into a reaction.  But what does that mean? Our way of thinking, our ways of acting, our norms and values and guidelines  that are taught to us with our raising, all these rules that are pointed out by our over supervisors.  And then again, I ask further. What are rules? The things that are acceptable or not, to contain our society as it is, so we can live a “normal”life.
But who decided what the normal life is? What is normal? From the first year of our life we are getting taught how to act, what rules we are expected to follow, to be a “normal”person in our society. Everybody follows the “normal”without knowing what the actual “normal” is. Everyone is a product of his/her raising, but a follower of the society and her rules.
We as individual we are bounded to rules of our  overseers and society, but we as residents of our earth, we are bound to her rules. The laws of nature. But we are humans, and we are curious. So we explore, and break rules doing so. And we break even the laws of nature. But nature will win eventually. And that is were we will start all over again. All those cells, the ones where we are build from, start a new life. Maybe as a leaf of a sunflower. Or a branch of a tree. But nature will win.

Where the journey begins

MeSo, there I am. Writing my thoughts down on a blogging network. I’ll be happy if even one person is interested in my stories. I’m just interested if there are more people thinking like me. And I like to make people think more and further then before about life. Because we are way more special then you think in your daily life.

But I’m also just a guy, 17 years old, and thinking maybe a little to much about everything around us. But again, that’s why we got our brains, right?

Right now it’s 00:28 on a monday morning. I’m going to sleep soon. But this was just my first post. I’m looking forward to share my thoughts with the Internet, our most valuable life recourse these days, isn’t it?

bonum nox noctis

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