I live for you, I die for you


I like to take photo’s. But not the normal kind of pictures. Not straight up nature, buildings, or people. I like to make abstract pictures. Things of exceptional beauty. One of the most beautiful things in this world is, in my opinion,  the female body. And not only the erotic parts. Everything. Let me show you some examples.

I think that taking these pictures should only be done with your loved one. It’s something intimate, something erotic. Taking pictures like these is a form of trust and complete submitting to your loved one. And I think that this can only be done in the best way with your soulmate.
I think everyone has a soulmate. The perfect one for you. A person that you love unconditionally. If you have a loved one, think about this person. Could you live without him/her? If that’s not the case, you’ve found the person. Even if this person is the last one on earth, you wouldn’t mind, because you’re together.
Her/his voice, smile, eyes and the silky touch of your skin against hers/his, is a turn on. You feel his/her presence, you’re the most comfortable when you’re near this person.
But back to the pictures. I find it extremely sexy to photograph the body of my loved one. You’re basically  capturing his/her beauty.  It’s something so intimate, that if you want to capture the real beauty of this experience, you must only do this with your loved one.

the one