The first thing you need to do before learning, is learn how to learn

In two days I am finally done with my exam week. It’s 10:12 PM and I have a history test tomorrow. To be honest, history is my favorite subject. I love to see how all this, our society, our ways of behaving, and our political system is established. the subject is all around revolutions.
So yeah, of course the American revolution, but there are more big revolutions. One is even about the revolution of my country, the Batavian revolution. Yes I’m from the Netherlands. And also the French revolution. Did you know that all these revolutions are connected with each other? It all started with the American revolution, that inspired the Batavians, and then started their own revolution.
A little history lesson there. But further than that, nothing that special happend today. So I’m going to talk about my vacation in about 2 weeks. Have you ever been to Austria? Have you ever been there in the summer? Because if I tell someone I going to Austria on vacation, they immediately ask me if I am going to ski there. No man, I’m not going to ski, it’s summer. Mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, cliff diving etc. “You can do it all, in Austria“~photo genetic commercial dude. No but seriously, Austria is a great vacation county, in the winter and summer. And I’m a real mountain lover, and boy do you have mountains in Austria. I’ll show you some of the pictures I’ve made back in 2013.

So yeah, beautiful nature, nice people, beautiful little villages, and nice atmosphere.
Let me know what your favorite vacation destination is! I would like to travel the world when I’m older, so I need places to go!