Should I do a quote of the day?… oh wait

Shopping. And some Netflix, that was pretty much my day. I started this morning with getting some croissants for breakfast. The boyfriend of my little sister slept over last night, so that was something. This dude is 16, 17 in august, and my little sister is 13. He looks like an innocent guy, but every guy has needs around that age. My mom is also a little worried. But I keep an eye out for him. I’m still the big brother.
But yea, after having breakfast I went shopping. I’m quite a picky guy, I’m really into style when it comes to clothing and accessoires.
I ended up with a bordeaux-red shirt, and a white skinny jeans. After I acquired my new outfit, I went looking for some new sneakers. But holy peanut-butter those things are expensive. I tried out the new Nike huaraches, but those things are €135,- ! after I gave up the hope to find something that would suit my style, and my economic status, I found a pair of timberland’s (well aright not the real ones, but they look identical) for just €50,-! So the shopping adventure ended well after all.
When I came home I watched a classic, Taken. You know, the one with Liam Neeson. “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

After all, this was a quite normal and nice day. Hope your day was nice as well! If you want to share your story of the day, tell me! Or when you already have a daily report, tell me! I would love to read how your day was going 🙂Kleertjes