Death is a graduation

Ever thought about death? Really thought it trough? Were you go after your last breath? What happens to the people around you? If there is a heaven and hell? And are you afraid of death?

I’ve never been afraid of death. Just curious. I wonder what will happen to my soul, my spirit. I’ve talked about the spirit before. The only part of you that is immortal. I believe that it survives after you die. But the thing is, where will I, my spirit, end up? That’s what intrigues me. And I don’t really have a theory. I just home I’ill enter something like a new dimension. A complete different world. Do you believe in other dimensions?
The only thing that worries me about my ending (although I’m just 17, but death isĀ inevitable, he could be around every corner) are the people around me. I don’t want to leave them behind. I know how it is to lose someone. I don’t want to do that to my loved ones. And something more “terrifying” is the fact that the people who died, are getting lost in time. 160.000 people die everyday. of course, this has a huge impact to the people around the the loved one who passed away, but for the world wide society, it’s a normal thing. If you tell a random person in the streets that your father died, he wouldn’t give a damn, because people die. It’s natural. But all those people, all those 160.000 a day, will be forgotten with time. And then we fall back to my previous stories. Nature wins. always.