So many choices… I need something to write about. I have many topics I could write about. Pictures, philosophy, music, life… of course I’ve written already some little stories about my view on life, death, society, those kind of things. So you have an idea of my writing style. Of course I could continue the talks about life. I would love to do that.
But I’m new to the blogging, so I need inspiration, from you beautiful people! I could also do a daily blog, writing about the things I do in my life, including some pictures. I’m open for everything.
I just love to write, doesn’t matter what I’m writing. I’ve even written a little story about a Greek myth, it was a project for school. So that is even something I could do, little stories. Let me know please! I really what to get in touch with people with same intrest, so leave a comment!

(the featured image is a picture I’ve made from my appartement, I love the sunset)