A bunch of cells and a soul, that’s pretty much it

I often question myself: What are we? We as people? We’re theoretically just a aggregation of cells, and these are bound by our spirit, our soul. We are as people all the same organism, but it is our soul that distinguishes us. Daily we are feeling hundreds physical and mental feelings.
But then again, I ask myself, what are feelings? A signal that is send to our brain, that then, depending on how your soul, your personality is made up,  processes this signal into a reaction.  But what does that mean? Our way of thinking, our ways of acting, our norms and values and guidelines  that are taught to us with our raising, all these rules that are pointed out by our over supervisors.  And then again, I ask further. What are rules? The things that are acceptable or not, to contain our society as it is, so we can live a “normal”life.
But who decided what the normal life is? What is normal? From the first year of our life we are getting taught how to act, what rules we are expected to follow, to be a “normal”person in our society. Everybody follows the “normal”without knowing what the actual “normal” is. Everyone is a product of his/her raising, but a follower of the society and her rules.
We as individual we are bounded to rules of our  overseers and society, but we as residents of our earth, we are bound to her rules. The laws of nature. But we are humans, and we are curious. So we explore, and break rules doing so. And we break even the laws of nature. But nature will win eventually. And that is were we will start all over again. All those cells, the ones where we are build from, start a new life. Maybe as a leaf of a sunflower. Or a branch of a tree. But nature will win.